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An empowered birth
is your birthright.

Pregnancy is the catalyst that catapults us from maiden, to mother. And you don't have to do it alone. This transformational right of passage is a time where community and support is pivotal and really, necessary. When we feel supported, confident, capable and powerful, we feel ready to take on this new chapter and all that comes along with it.

Available Offerings
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+ Initial consultation
+ 2-3  2 hour prenatal visits with a completed birth plan
+ 24/7 access to me for support within hiring until 8 weeks postpartum
+ On call within a two hour window of your estimated due date for two weeks
+ Attend your home/birth centre/hospital for your active labour and delivery
+ Photos and videos taken via iPhone
+ 1-2 hours of post-delivery support and feeding support 
+ 1 postpartum visit that includes your baby's birth story, soul nourishing treats and
+ Access to my lending library, birth balls, rebozo, heat packs and essential oils
+ Unlimited access to my community
resources and referrals



what you get

starting at $750


+ Initial consultation
+ 1-2  2 hour prenatal visit to discuss birth preferences and go over brief questions/ concerns 
+ 24/7 access to me for support
+ Active labour and delivery
+ 1-2 hours of post-delivery support and feeding support
+ Candid photos and videos taken via iPhone
+ Access to my lending library, birth balls, rebozo, heat packs and essential oil
+ Unlimited access to my community resources and referrals
* Option of adding on your 
birth story (add $50)


what you get

starting at $500



With birth doulas, the rate of cesarean section decreases 39%
With a labour doula, the use of Pitocin decreases 31%
With doulas, the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth increases 15%
With doulas, the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience decreases 31%

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Add Ons:
+ Childbirth Education session (2hrs) - 1 Session $100 / 2 Sessions $175
+ written birth story - $50
+ extra prenatal or postpartum session (2hrs) - $100
+ Postpartum shifts (Practical support: Infant care, light household duties, etc.) - $25-$30/hr.

The Process



Initial Consult

During this call we will discuss....



The Plan

Together we will create the perfect birthplan completely unique to YOU.



The Big Day

Receive my undivided attention and loving support during one of the most transformational experiences life has to offer.


I want to work with you to educate, gather information, and make the best choices for you and your family.  I want to help you feel empowered through this experience.  I will guide you through this journey and continue on your side as long as needed.  I hope to provide a sense of calm and reassurance to you and your partner.  My goal for everyone is to be able to look back at their birth and feel well cared for and empowered.  I also don't want finances to be a reason for someone to not have a doula, so please speak to me about my sliding scale option!

Don't see what you're looking for? Just because it's not on my site, doesn't mean I don't offer it. Contact me with any further inquiries and I am happy to assist you in any way I can.

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Heading 3

My last pregnancy, our family of four became a family of six.  My life was changed again forever and full of so much love! 


"Our doula is one of the most wonderful people Sam and I have ever met. Jack's birth was long and very unpredictable at times, but her support kept us going. If you are considering any support during pregnancy and birth, I would highly recommend @shan_d_doula."

Laura, New Serepta, Alberta

Get in Touch

I'm so looking forward to connecting with you!

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