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I'm Shannon,
your new best friend
& birth doula.

You're expecting a new little bundle, maybe for the first time, maybe for the third or fourth, and you are ready to have an advocate who will empower you to have the birth of your dreams! 

I've got you, mama.

Growing up, I always treasured the love and connection between a mother and her newborn.

My high school sweetheart and I got married and moved quickly into starting our family. I couldn’t wait to be a mom!! I made sure to read all “the books” that would “prepare me” for what was to come, and we attended the prenatal classes so that we wouldn’t be burdened with fear when the day would finally come. The excitement of pregnancy was beyond anything I could have imagined. I had an appointment a few days after my due date, and the ultrasound showed a large baby (11 lbs. estimated). My doctor said I was to head straight to the hospital to be induced. I was excited! Soon I would meet my baby and hold him in my arms! My husband and I were NOT prepared for what happened next. Two excruciating days of labour, ending in an emergency cesarean, resulted in a beautiful 9lb 7.5 oz baby boy! I was saddened by the circumstances and was left dreaming about the incredible birth I had always imagined I'd have.

Everything about being a mama fulfilled me in ways all of the books and stories could never prepare me for. I eagerly anticipated my next pregnancy. I thought the next delivery would be different. I did “things” to try and make sure that my birth experience would be different this time around. I changed doctors and I read more so that I felt I knew more about the hospital processes as well.  Unfortunately, as had happened before, the doctor encouraged me to be induced due to them being a big baby.  I didn’t want the same experience as before, and I really wanted to have a vaginal birth. The doctors however, still induced me despite my wishes. This one went smoother and I felt proud of myself for “giving birth”, but this beautiful baby struggled to breathe on his own. He was airlifted to Edmonton (from Red Deer), was diagnosed with Hyaline Membrane disease (pre-mature lungs) and struggled for 2 weeks in the NICU to allow his lungs to develop and to breathe easily. Divine order and medicine were on our side. But once again, I was left questioning the methods leading into my delivery and how…or IF…my outcome could have been different.

I had always wanted four kids, so I was ecstatic when I turned out to be pregnant again, with twins! It took my husband a little time to wrap his head around it though. Working up to my due date, all options were discussed and due to my previous birth experiences, I was easily convinced by my new OB-GYN to have a planned cesarean. I went along with it…again… 25 years old, still mourning “The Baby Story” ideal, however, listened to my doctors as the birth was only a means to get my babies. Besides my husband passing out in the delivery room, the birth went without any major events and two beautiful daughters were delivered – 7lbs 14oz and 6lbs 12oz. Part of me has always felt like the doctors had all the say.

I was left feeling powerless after every birth. I felt robbed of the natural birthing process. It is my soul mission to empower women to experience childbirth in the form that THEY choose.

Today, I have four amazing adults – each of whose births brought me much excitement and yet a sadness at the same time! I truly feel blessed to be their mom. All the crazy years of parenting, running a day home for 10 years, volunteering on numerous clubs/boards, and running our construction company for the last 18 years with my husband, prepared me for where I am today. After taking photos of a birth for a friend, the nurse asked if I was a doula and it sparked within me a curiosity I could not ignore. Immediately I knew this was my calling! During my training, I went through a mourning process all over again after 22 years from my last pregnancy, realizing I could likely have had very different outcomes had I had someone to provide more evidence-based knowledge, support and some peace of mind. 

I offer care based on my own experiences, as well as my training, to support mamas throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Traumatic births still happen, and it doesn’t mean you don’t love your babies. I have been there and I support those who desire a deeper, more full understanding of their birthing options. 

A walk down memory lane






Married my highschool sweetheart





First Pregnancy Emergency Cesarean

9lbs 7.5oz Baby Boy

Successful VBAC at 40+1

8lbs 14.5 oz

Baby was diagnosed with Hyaline Membrane Disease.

Now a happy healthy 6'3" man. 


Twin girls born via planned cesarean.

6lbs 12 oz & 7lbs 13.5 oz 

the survival years

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Started doula training

Officially a birth doula certified by DONA & ready to support you.

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I am certified through DONA International and I am a current member of the Doula Association of Edmonton and DONA International.


What I'm Obsessed With

All things birth & babies

Favourite Hobby

Pottery, gardening & beading

Couldn't Live Without

My Family

Spirit Animal

White  Tail  Deer

Favourite Destination

 Mountains or Beach

My Sun Sign


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"Our doula is one of the most wonderful people Sam and I have ever met. Jack's birth was long and very unpredictable at times, but her support kept us going. If you are considering any support during pregnancy and birth, I would highly recommend @shan_d_doula."

Laura, New Serepta, Alberta

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I'm so looking forward to connecting with you!

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